Enterprise Mobile App Development : Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

Industrial App Development

Ayoka’s  industrial app development ranges from oil and gas to farming and factory equipment.  Ayoka specializes in building custom business apps for control systems.

The utilization of new engineering technologies can help industries to optimize their production operations, ultimately making them more visible, simpler, and as productive as possible. Implementing advanced software development techniques for manufacturing customers – such as Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) for web based polling of PLC’s (programmable logic control devices) and real-time updates from the shop floor over the web will help to cover the practicality of the engineering side of your businesses’ management of its technical systems.

Industry/Manufacturing AppAs automated machines and robotics segue into the manufacturing process by performing repetitive procedures, innovations are being made to optimize their presence in the industry. Through implementations of different qualities, like scanners for bar-codes or the ability to process at high speeds to increase productivity, manufacturers can now do more with less space to improve the space once congested by production lines. The innovations of these technical performance tools will help to improve your business’ performance and optimize productivity of your existing managers. With this spurt in automated machinery and robotics in the manufacturing process, the need for workers with more industrial and manufacturing prowess increases as well. Technical operations managers and maintenance personnel can remotely monitor production with mobile devices becoming more commonplace in the industry. Application development to connect to equipment and devices to a centralized database by utilizing traditional and open-source frameworks to  enable web-based remote monitoring of production environments, and design e-commerce systems for distributors that feature back-end integration for production work orders, inventory database, and shipping systems to allow technical operations management through every part of the manufacturing process.

Secure implementation of industrial and manufacturing applications by utilizing .NET or Java, and performance of database management with Microsoft’s SQL Server, DB/2, Oracle, ProgstreSQL, or MySQL, will save your company from data loss while cutting operations costs by consolidating your IT environmental resources. The increase in efficiency of new technology in the manufacturing industry can definitely prove a great return on investment when coupled with automation technologies and mobile accessibility.