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Industrial - Manufacturing App Development

The manufacturing industry and shopfloor operations have to manage an array of inventory protocols and devices to connect through the production line, supply chain, and consumer, which makes it a key use case for mobile technology.

To maximize efficiency, lean manufacturing considers the simplest solutions in manufacturing with increased productivity, less inventory and production time, and increased capital equipment utilization. Incremental improvement of products and services over time call for applications developed with scalability as a priority. Developing applications for the manufacturing industry helps resource management, lowers the decision making process time, and increases employee accessibility and productivity. Integration of applications into existing business software will help to bridge the gap between humans and the machines they manage. To build the best application for a manufacturing company, Ayoka works to identify the critical success factors required to build, implement, and deploy a mobile application solution. Recent research on mobile applications in the manufacturing industry reveal that 7 out of 10 of your manufacturing peers are looking to use mobile and wireless solutions to streamline operations. Out-of-the-box software products lack flexibility and usually don’t meet the specialized business models and requirements of companies.

Access to real-time data through business intelligence and reporting apps allows operators to solve problems at the production level. Applications to interface with machines will provide data for maintenance technicians and supervisors to track utilization on the production floor, while at-a-glance visibility drives competition among operators to exceed company metrics.

Making an application a part of your company’s operations will empower your company with the tools and information that will enable you to be more successful. At Ayoka, we take time to meet with your stakeholders to identify your technology pain points and business models, and understand your target consumers, to build a solution that prioritizes continuous mobile improvement.