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iOS Business Applications

Ayoka works for enterprises in both the manufacturing and healthcare industries to develop mobile iOS applications alongside their line-of-business teams. The goal is to identify the critical factors required to develop their mobile applications before planning and integration into their business system environments.

Apple’s iOS continues to drive user interface design with their devices and the latest updates to their operating system. The influence of Apple is affecting the design of enterprise software development, with many different industries implementing applications with the easy to use touchscreen and moving some of their operations to phones and tablets.

Build, design, and creation of native iOS applications optimized for Apple devices offers accessibility to the majority of your business’ end users.  These are the folks that are inclined to engage with their smartphones on a daily basis and download directly to their devices from the Apple App Store. This will cut down on total Internet bandwidth allocation while offering increased accessibility. Development in Objective-C and the newly released Swift language ensures that the application-centric infrastructure in iOS can be easily maintained while preserving scalability, secure data handling and access to business information through applications optimized for the enterprise and their corporate policies.

iOSAyoka’s iOS development processes is focused on configuration of applications that are readily integrated with existing applications.  This approach brings the power of immediate information and simplified automation via iOS right to your workforce in real-time. Our practices emphasize in-person collaboration to build a mobile application that will give your company tools and information to drive productivity.   This will ultimately result in a higher ROI and a competitive edge against other companies in your industry.

Native iOS Applications are faster and more efficient than web applications since they work in tandem with the device’s functionalities. Businesses are escalating their processes to include task management and processing in the mobile environment. These same industry leaders report saving an average of 42 minutes per employee each day.

An understanding of your business requirements before translating them to the web environment is imperative to the success of your iOS application. Ayoka is committed to your business’ success and we strive to create partnerships built on mutual trust and respect that will culminate as we help your business grow. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation on mobile application development for your enterprise!