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Objective-C App Development

The Objective-C programming language was first developed by Brad J. Cox in the early 80’s and it was composed of SmallTalk-80 extensions to the C-Language. Also, it was used as the main language on NextStep OS and eventually adopted by Apple. This programming language basically evolved into a superset of C, which made it object oriented by combining features of C and Smalltalk.

Objective-C brings the advantages of C and Smalltalk together and makes it an object oriented language that is not only easy to learn, but it is powerful and sophisticated to work with. It also enables the use of dynamic binding through the Objective-C runtime library, makes it possible to compile C programs, and supports the inclusion of any C-language in any Objective-C class.

Currently, Objective-C is used by Apple as its primary language for applications built to work in the MAC System and iPhone and their respective application programming interfaces (APIs), Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.

In a nutshell, the powerful Objective-C’s architectural open style of dynamic binding along with its simple structural foundation for building interactive user interface allows software developers a certain freedom and art to their design. This translates into the construction of powerful and complex development tools that build strategic and sophisticated business applications in cutting-edge technology platforms such as the iPhone and iPads.