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Windows Business App Development

Ayoka works with enterprise companies that seek custom business applications that drive the performance of their organization. From large enterprises to small business, IT departments are evaluating options to consolidate on a single platform for mail, security administration (e.g. active directory), ERP, CRM, document sharing,etc.

Microsoft is a strong proponent of this consolidation, with numerous products available to operate a business. For custom applications, Microsoft provides its enterprise application development platform; an extensive platform for building connected systems based on the .NET Framework. Microsoft based its application platform strategy on their sales objectives and enterprise interests to integrate their custom .NET based applications with their commercial business applications and other packaged products from Microsoft.

Visual StudioSoftware developers build custom applications in the .NET Framework and the Microsoft Enterprise Application Development platform using Microsoft’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Visual Studio. The Microsoft development tools facilitate consistency among the software development team. One of the current drawbacks of developing on Visual Studio on top of the .NET framework is the loss of portability with respect to its host Operating System. With the exception of Mono, an open source cross-platform set of tools compatible with the .NET framework, applications created with the .NET stack will only work with Windows machines. Microsoft is planning to remedy this issue with their next version of .NET (MVC6 vNext) by making Mono their official cross platform solution and attempting to make the .NET framework host agnostic. One of the best things about working with on the Windows developer platform is its flexibility and power to create content for any one Windows platform, tailoring the experience across different platforms. Developers can focus on and build on the core functionality of any one web application with the popularized motto “write once, run anywhere.” .NET’s functionality and extensibility supports enterprises with prior investments and business models by allowing developers to quickly port their older applications to a universal Windows application. Microsoft’s goal is to make web application development faster and easier and it is apparent in the porting process that will be as simple as right clicking an existing project and selecting the target platform.